1967 ddo

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1967 ddo

Occasionally I use file photos for lower valued slabbed coins. If you have any questions at all pertaining to this, please inquire before placing bids.

It is our belief that grading companies are consistent enough to be able to do this. Ebay customer service is the best place to invoke your right to fair auction dealings. They will be able to research any questions you might have concerning validity and fair play.

1967 Roosevelt Dimes

I feel my record and reputation speak for itself on this matter. Per Ebay rules, a second chance offer means I have another coin in the same grade and grader and I find the underbid to be an acceptable level to sell another at that price 5. No internationally addressed deals. Auctions are shipped within 24 hours but it is up to USPS to properly upload tracking info. This is not only a hobby and an investment but a way for business to be conducted in a fair and honest manner.

1967 ddo

No worries! Payment must be made within 5 days after the auction has closed or appropriate feedback will be left and the coin s are eligible for re-sale and the deal is null and void. Sometimes emails don t go through due to blocking and various technical problems, so please endeavor to contact me as I will you.

FREE scheduling, supersized images and templates. Get Vendio Sales Manager. Overserved. Payment Shipping Dealer Credo. Exquisite double die specimen and very nice for the grade-close to a cameo coin. Back to Top. I accept the following forms of payment: PayPal.

Dealer Credo. At Datentype Rare Coins we want to make sure that each customer is satisfied with their purchase. We are Platinum Level at Ebay and have given around 70, positive feedbacks and have virtually received no blemishes and a return customer to feedback ratio of about 10 to 1.

Please only bid on my auctions if you plan on following through with your purchase contract with Ebay and me.You have the coin but I don't see any notching. Looks strike doubled. Fact that there is glare on the coin does not help. Can you post an image of just "liberty" taken with florescent light? Does it have mechanical doubling also? Most of these that I've seen have strong mechanical dblg which can confuse the issue to the "non-variety" people.

They are certainly similar, but your pictures have shadows where I would have to see the split serifs, specifically the I, R, T. UtahCoin said: It looks just like the example in Cherrypickers. The CPG shows but two pictures which, at best, are misleading.

Take a close up of the Motto.

1967 DDO SMS Roosevelt dime ?

Your feeling that your coin matches the CPG is one of the main problems that I have with the CPG in the the photographs chosen to display the doubling, are not always useful and in some cases, totally incorrect. Additionally, only 2 photo's, at most, are ever shown and in some cases, an adequate cross reference is not provided. Some of it can be quite dramatic! I've got a Kennedy Laying around here some where that illustrates what I am referring to with regard to "dramatic machine doubling". Keep looking and good luck!

This is one I've been looking for - also with no luck. As I have written elsewhere, at least some SMS coins were given two strikes. Yours may be one of them. Not doubled die. This doubled die exists in two die stages-one with machine doubling and one without. The latter of these is much more difficult to find. Your coin looks like machine doubling to me with out the hub doubling. I won't sell my Stage A, without additional machine doubling-for that.

Yeah, these are a tough sell and are not very popular, mainly, I think, because most of the coins also have extreme machine doubling, which clouds the issue. You are correc t that examples without machine doubling are much more desirable and command better prices, even today.

I think that currently all but the "big"- i. I really cannot see notching in your very excellent photographs Looks like machine doubling to me Cheers, RickO.Medium spread South on eyelid.

Stage A:. Obverse and Reverse are EDS. Stage B:. Stage C:. Obverse and Reverse are LDS. Reverse and Obverse are EDS. Light die chips on column 12 — LDS. Small die chip on Right cornice. Strong die scratch Southwest under Left building edge. Medium die crack across forehead — EMDS.

1967 Dime Worth Money - How Much Is It Worth And Why?

Die clash in bay 9. Stage D:. Die gouges under Left base — MDS. Obverse and Reverse are MDS. Slightly stronger than DDO Die scratch on rim Southeast of mintmark. Die gouge near rim above 8 of date — MDS. Similar to DDO Strong spread on all lettering. Strong spread but weak hubbing on upper first 9 of date and upper 6 of date. Medium spread West on lower 6 and upper 9 of date. Strong spread North on Memorial floor under statue. Need specimen for study. Strong spread but weak doubling on upper first 96 of date.

Horizontal die gouge through Lincoln's leg — EDS. Strong spread North as an extra bottom floor under the statue. Bernie Esquerra.Log in or Sign up. Coin Talk. MrCoinsAug 6, Log in or Sign up to hide this ad. It seems that I'm on some sort of lucky streak Tim Lackie Jr likes this. It's no wonder why many members in coin talk seem to rarely like to comment on new post.

I think they've probably noticed and are too affraid to post or make any comment on coins from fear of being attacked or having their coin smacked down as simple MD or DDD I mean it's ok to allow other members to have a little shine every now and then guys because I can't help but notice that the same members in coin talk eventually take over and hog every post in just about every forum Cheech and alurid like this.

SparkCheech and Tim Lackie Jr like this. I'm one of the very few members who is actually awake at am Easter Standard Time! That's why you will see me answering threads so much around this time. Many members are asleep!

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Heavymetal and Tim Lackie Jr like this. DaveAug 6, No I didn't already know that it was DD I was simply sharing a nice find. But to be very honest I can't stand it whenever people deliberately post negative comments Correction : deliberately dismisses other people coins as DDD or MD when they probably know that they're actually DD coins because almost in the same sentence they say that they've been doing this for a very long time Especailly If they should already know exactly what it is.

And no hard feelings.

1967 ddo

Just being honest. Last edited: Aug 6, And that coin in the next set of photos that have the same form of doubling as mines is actually a certified doubled die coin as well If you are so cock sure of your self and your coin, why would you ask for the opinions of others? Because of your attitude, I will not be offering my opinion. Cheech likes this.

1967 ddo

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1967 Ddo Dime Value

Finally A True Doubled Die!! Hello all. If you agree that this is indeed a ddo then look at the mark behind the neck where it angles down towards his chest.

That is doubledin front of his chin you can also see doubling. Also on the reverse, E.

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Pluribus looks doubled. Especcially the E. I feel really confident on this ddo as well but that's usually bad so help please. NewCollectorRickAug 7, Log in or Sign up to hide this ad. I don't see any match. I even looked in wexler too. Tyler GratonAug 7, TreashuntAug 7, Looks like circulation wear. Sheila RuleyAug 7, I see none of that in these images. SuperDaveAug 7, R7 2200m 4:30PM Selections 4. R8 1400m 5:05PM Selections 1. Preemptive (4) odds 4. Will I Be (8) odds 5. Cavalero (3) odds 7.

R2 1000m Class: 3-Y-O, Maiden, Set Weights 2:00PM Selections 14.

1967 ddo

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